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Post Info TOPIC: Will it ever get better ?

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RE: Will it ever get better ?

HopeBoss wrote:

Whats your opinion on staying on the job in the rank of sgt? I tell everyone dont stay on this job as a cop. Either boss up or find another department 


It's a mixed bag. The quality of life is supposed to better, but it can fall flat. Staying on patrol for your sgt career would suck. Detail would probably be amazing. But there is always going to be a need for patrol sgts. Sometimes I think a detail would pick a cop up without a hook or anything amazing about them just because they needed a body or the stars aligned. I don't think its the same case with bosses. This is all assuming you don't have juice, if you do good for you. 

Top pay for a Sgt is like 138k. Even if you sit on your ass you're looking at a 70k pension, there is no guarantee of OT. Its a personal decision if you think that's ok. You are surrendering the most productive years of your life for a 70k/yr guarantee. Other factors:

-Inflation: unless you opt for the 25 yr escalator, you are stuck with 70k while wages and cost of living increase. The escalator is not without it's own cost though. The wages you lose in the 3 years past service retirement to the escalator retirement, had they been saved and invested by you instead, will surpass the extra amount added by the escalator. Its a horrible deal.

-Social security offset: For tier 3, I think we can expect a $24,000 yearly benefit, so subtract 12k from that 70k and you're down to $58,000. What is 58k worth today? What is it going to be worth in 30 years?


If you are able to live off that and have no yearning for luxury, go for it. If you are the sole breadwinner for the family, you're going to need to continue working.


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HopeBoss wrote:
RamJamFlamSong wrote:
1hate6 wrote:
HopeBoss wrote:
yougonow wrote:

I think it turns into the choice of eh I'll do 25yrs (now) as a cop with the POSSIBILITY to retire that young. Now, people don't want to stay a minute longer than their time.

If I pass this upcoming LT exam and end up in a detail like strike force, detf or another fed gig, I would probably stay way past my terminal time of 20yrs. Heck I'd probably stay longer as a Sgt. But to stay on PATROL? Heck no. I think that is where it lays... detail vs patrol for the vast majority.

-- Edited by yougonow on Wednesday 14th of September 2022 01:25:29 AM

 I cant imagine doing 20+ As a cop today. Thank god I passed the sgts exam 

 Aint much better as a sergeant

Being a member of a union that can actually sign a contract is pretty appealing. That alone makes it seem much better then being a Patty Preacher. In a decade with Lynch & Lackeys all I've seen an angry Irish lad screaming atop his soap box while having steak dinners and fine cigars with the executives after sunset. Sure, the great Ed Mullens turned out to be a crooked cop but his tenure will be remember as one filled with pride and loyalty. Patty serves only to make us look like a group of babbling baboons who just got done watching a Tucker Carlson rerun.

I blame the cops, yall are the ones electing delegates with inside spots so that theyre in the pockets of the COs and yall still taking pictures with Patty boy at parades. to yall who took a picture with Patty on Labor Day, remember last time we worked a Labor Day parade with a contract was 2016. 

 This is  

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